Monday, January 23, 2012

Tutorial – Mini Notebook Cover

Hi!  I shared this tutorial the other day on the Bombshell blog, so I thought I’d post it here, too.

I recently bought some little scratch pads/notebooks to have handy in my desk drawer.  But they were completely plain, so I decided to make covers for them.  Here’s what I did…

The notebook measures 3”x5”(7.6cm x 12.7cm), so I cut a piece of cardstock 3”x12”(7.6cm x 30.5cm).  Then I scored the cardstock at 5”, 5 1/4”, 10 1/4”, and 10 1/2”(12.7cm, 13.3cm, 26cm, and 26.7cm). 


(the stars mark the inner score lines on the cardstock)

You can choose whether you want to decorate the cover before or after you attach your notebook.  The notebook should be adhered to the cardstock in between the inner score lines.


Then you can finish any decorating of your cover, and choose what kind of closure you want.  I chose to use magnets for my closure.  I put a piece of magnet under the paper on the front…


And on the inside of the flap…


And here is the finished notebook…



I used Harley Bikes to decorate my cover.

Thanks for looking!


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Lorraine said...

This is cool, Laura! Love the notebook cover design and the Harley Bike image!