Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Journal Pages x2

I’m terribly behind on things.  Here are mine and my daughter’s pages from last week…


The theme was to use stickers or tapes, etc. on our pages.  I used TH tissue tape, and one of my daughter’s ladybug stickers.:)

And this week’s pages…



This week’s challenge was "Heart to Heart"

I love my daughter’s page this week!  She said the playing card guys are like the ones from Alice in Wonderland.:)

For my page I used a layer of gesso that I textured up a bit, then a light wash of blue watercolor paint, then acrylic paints.  Writing was done with a white gel pen.

And as for the words on my page…well, I went through a really rough time about 12 years ago, and the words around the center are from a poem I wrote back then…

Meaningless vows of eternity
he did bestow 'pon me
"Forevermore", Nevermore
"Je t'adore", Nevermore
Abandoned in the heights
to sink below the depths
Showing no care of blade
Blade almost put to use
Still no remorse
Still no answers
E'en a year passed
Forevermore, Nevermore...

(©Laura E Boyd. All rights reserved!)

But then I met my husband and things began to look up…thus the “time heals” bit on the heart hourglass.

Just a little glimpse into my secret self there.;)

Thanks for looking!



Sara said...

Laura... Let me start by saying, I love that you have your daughter journaling(sp?) also!!! I love the spider web... will need to find out what TM Tissue Tape is!! The ladybug in the center is perfect for a touch of color!!! I love your daughter's page... you can tell that she loves colors and this is a very special journal to give to her when she is older. For your second page I think your artwork and poem are beautiful! I am so glad that you shared a bit about yourself and your struggle before you met your husband. It takes a lot to share things like that! Hugs to you!! And your daughters page is awesome. I love her hear men!!!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Tracy said...

All those layouts are beautiful.
Love the journaling you did.
Your daughter is a treasure :)