Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Minute for Sketch Girl

One of these days I’m going to have an entry in early for a challenge, but not today!  If you’re looking for my FHF Sketch Challenge post, then please keep scrolling down on my blog.  This is my second post today, which is really amazing since I can’t seem to get time for anything lately! 

I’ve had this album since my husband and I got married, but the page size was odd, so, I never knew what to do with it.  Until now!  I measured the pages and there’s just enough room to put a 5 inch page inside, so, I’m going to fill it with small layouts using pictures of me and my husband.:)  Here’s what the album looks like(the friend that gave it to us put the picture of us when we were dating in it)…


I decided to use Sketch Girl-Sketch #19 for this page…



The picture is from a few years ago.  We have a friend that used to throw a jazz music party every year, and that’s where this picture was taken. 

And now I have to run because tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I don’t have a card made for my husband yet!  Yikes!

Thanks for looking!



Alyssa S said...

So cute! I love that you are scrapping and using Sketch Girl sketches for some inspiration :o)
I was awful and didn't even make my hubby a card this year. Our anniversary kind of snuck up on both of us and so we decided to not do anything for it. lol We did get my mom to take the monster over night though - that was def very nice ;o)
Have a super duper anniversary!!

Julie E said...

So glad to see I am not the only last minute person :>)and that you turned the sketch into a LO. Great idea to use the album that way!!!
Thanks for playing along with us at Sketch Girl!!!