Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 9 Art Journal Page

Hello again.  I know, two posts in a row?  I am afraid I’ll forget to post if I don’t do it now.  That’s how fried my brain is right now, lol.  I was awake until 6am this morning, just couldn’t relax enough to go sleep.  It happens sometimes.  Anyway, on to the real subject of this post.  I wanted to share my Week 9 page from the ongoing art journaling project from The Greeting Farm.  This week’s challenge was to “Cut and Paste”.  Basically, to find a head from a magazine, cut it out, then draw your own body for it.  I like how my page turned out, but I couldn’t get any of the photos to come out well.  They either didn’t show any of the glitter or they glared off of the magazine clipping.  C’est la vie.


Acrylic paints, Stickles, and a black marker were used.

The words along the edge of the hill read:  even the most cynical of people may still have fairy tales in their hearts. 

It was fun to make Britta into a fairy.:)  Yes, I am a fan of Community.

Thanks for looking!



Marlene said...

This is pretty funky! LIKE LIKE LIKE! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed today's freebie. :)

MaRyKaY said...

too cute.i like the colors you used